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15 billion ISK in prizes from EVE Bet for dank solo carrier PvP videos.
Posted by Bam Stroker at 14:49 31 Dec 2015 EVE

Happy New Year, spacefriends!

These solo carrier PvP videos of late (thanks based Nyx Garage) have got me all hot and bothered so I've decided EVE Bet should kick off 2016 with several bangs and put up some phat ISK to encourage people to get out there and do some crazy stuff with their carriers.

To be eligible you need to fit up a carrier and go out and have some awesome fights. Record them, upload them to Youtube and send the results to (best dash bet dot com). Feel free to post videos on Reddit, Twitter or elsewhere as well in the meantime to build hype for your submission.

THE ONLY RULE IS NO LINKS. Your video has to have its fleet window visible at all times and the only char you can have in fleet/wing/squad command positions is the one flying the carrier. You can have scan/cyno/scout alts in fleet as well but they have to be BELOW your carrier char in the fleet hierarchy.

Nice editing, overlays and sweet music will help your chances. Prizes will be awarded accordingly (as judged by Bam Stroker):

Overall dankest vid: 8 billion ISK

Most innovative fit: 5 billion ISK

Best single brawl: 2 billion ISK

It's possible for pilots to win more than one of the above prizes for a single submission so compilations of multiple fights are encouraged.

Deadline for submissions is 23:59 EVE time on Saturday, 16th January.

Now get out there and kick some anoose!

Warning: Fake eve-bet corp
Posted by Haack Mah at 01:59 19 Sep 2015 EVE

It has come to our attention that a fake Eve-bet corp is running and we would like to warn our members about it.

We have petitoned it and hopefully it will be dealt with.


The real eve-bet corp has the following details

CEOEVE Bet Kryptyk

FounderEve-Bet One

Ticker NameEVE-B


Member Count11

Tax Rate0.0%

Friendly FireLegal



Please be vigilant  when depositing isk and make sure the above details are correct. 


If you have been a victim of this scam your best course of action is to petition ccp

Statement regarding the Camel Empire vs Warlords of the Deep ATXIII series
Posted by Bam Stroker at 10:37 26 Aug 2015 EVE

It has come to our attention that there have been some rumors circulating in the EVE community recently about the potential for match fixing/collusion in the upcoming Camel Empire vs. Warlords of the Deep series (matches #117a, #117b and #117c of Alliance Tournament XIII).

After an internal discussion we have decided to keep betting markets for that series open. Matches will be awarded to the team that wins the battle on the field, and our decision will stand regardless of any subsequent revisions to the outcome due to issues concerning the collusion rules.

However in the event a team is subsequently disqualified due to a violation of some other rule such as illegal fittings or banned cargo we would cancel the match and refund all bets as per our usual policy.

We hope that by providing sufficient notice about our policy regarding this series that any EVE Bet customers who have reservations about the integrity of the match have ample time to withdraw their bets and those that who subsequently choose to bet on this match are aware of EVE Bet's position well in advance.

EVE Bet makes no judgment as to the veracity of the rumors and we wish both teams the best and trust that they will compete to their fullest ability in the true spirit of the Alliance Tournament.

Thank you and happy betting,

EVE Bet staff.

ATXIII Betting Is Open!
Posted by Kryptyk at 00:14 4 Aug 2015 EVE

Alliance Tournament XIII

With Alliance Tournament XIII less than 2 weeks away we have the opening lines up for weekend 1! Spice up your ATXIII viewing with a bit of ISK on your favorite teams!

Betting works for the tournament as per previous years on EVE Bet. The odds will fluctuate over time as more people bet and the betting pool settles. When you place your bet you lock in at those odds regardless of if they change later.

The maximum bet limit will go up over time as more people bet on a match. You can bet as many times as you want, but the odds will change over time.

Best of luck!

Achievement System Updates
Posted by Kryptyk at 01:40 8 Apr 2015 EVE

After the successful launch of the achievement system we've had some time to monitor the results and impact to our various betting models. To date we've handed out over 1 trillion ISK to customers who have been racking up their Betting Points across various games and bet types.

Going forward we are making the following changes:

  • We are removing achievements for Blackjack. The house edge on Blackjack ranges from 0.2% to 0.5% (varies on house rules). Paying out 5% of ISK bet for achievements break this model. With a house edge so small, we cannot include achievements on top of it unfortunately.
  • The overall 5% payout is being slightly reduced across the board as this impacts the house edge on sports, esports and slots too severely and in some cases removes it altogether.

Overall we are happy with the new Achievements system and received a lot of positive feedback. We hope you guys continue to enjoy it despite the small tweaks we are making above.