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  • Eve-bet Betting rules 18 May 14
  • Community FFA Sponsored by EVE BET! 07 May 14
  • Football Spread Betting Suspended 26 Mar 14
  • Server Issues During NEO 02 Mar 14
  • New Eden Open II Betting 27 Feb 14
  • NFL Matches
    American Football
    San Diego Chargers At Arizona Cardinals02:20 9 Sep 2014 EVE
    American Football / NFL Matches
    Team to Score Last 1st Half
    Double Result Does not include overtime
    Winning Margin
    Race To 5
    Race To 10
    Race To 15
    Race To 20
    Team to Score First
    Team to Score Last
    Last Score of 1st Half
    Will there be Overtime
    Shortest Successful Field Goal
    Longest Successful Field Goal
    Total Points Odd/Even
    First Half Total Odd/Even
    Second Half Total Odd/Even
    Winning Margin (4-Way)
    Winning Margin (5-point Bands)
    Winning Margin (10-point Bands)
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