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Achievement System Updates
Posted by Kryptyk at 01:40 8 Apr 2015 EVE

After the successful launch of the achievement system we've had some time to monitor the results and impact to our various betting models. To date we've handed out over 1 trillion ISK to customers who have been racking up their Betting Points across various games and bet types.

Going forward we are making the following changes:

  • We are removing achievements for Blackjack. The house edge on Blackjack ranges from 0.2% to 0.5% (varies on house rules). Paying out 5% of ISK bet for achievements break this model. With a house edge so small, we cannot include achievements on top of it unfortunately.
  • The overall 5% payout is being slightly reduced across the board as this impacts the house edge on sports, esports and slots too severely and in some cases removes it altogether.

Overall we are happy with the new Achievements system and received a lot of positive feedback. We hope you guys continue to enjoy it despite the small tweaks we are making above.