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ATXII Tournament Betting
Posted by Kryptyk at 02:31 11 Aug 2014 EVE


ATXII tournament is now live! We will be bringing you betting for every match of the tournament and will be looking into offering outrights/futures as well.

Betting will be done the same as last year:

* After each bet the odds are recalculated. We're not real bookies, and being an online game, we have to rely on the power of the people to help dictate the odds

* Your odds are locked in at the time you submit your bet slip. Once your bet is made you know what odds will be used for your payout at conclusion of the match.

* You can bet as many times as you want on a match but there is a hard cap for each bet (as indicated on the betting match panel). This limit will grow as the total pool bet on a match grows.

* If the odds swing too much between you selecting a bet option and confirming the amount in your betting slip, you will be notiified and need to accept the new odds (this is to stop people trying to gain unfair odds by leaving entries in their bet slip for a long time).

Tournament time is very frantic for the site with 1000's of users madly trying to place bets, deposit ISK and withdraw it. Our staff will do their best to keep services running at an optimal pace for you guys.

Good luck and happy betting!