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Statement regarding the Camel Empire vs Warlords of the Deep ATXIII series
Posted by Bam Stroker at 10:37 26 Aug 2015 EVE

It has come to our attention that there have been some rumors circulating in the EVE community recently about the potential for match fixing/collusion in the upcoming Camel Empire vs. Warlords of the Deep series (matches #117a, #117b and #117c of Alliance Tournament XIII).

After an internal discussion we have decided to keep betting markets for that series open. Matches will be awarded to the team that wins the battle on the field, and our decision will stand regardless of any subsequent revisions to the outcome due to issues concerning the collusion rules.

However in the event a team is subsequently disqualified due to a violation of some other rule such as illegal fittings or banned cargo we would cancel the match and refund all bets as per our usual policy.

We hope that by providing sufficient notice about our policy regarding this series that any EVE Bet customers who have reservations about the integrity of the match have ample time to withdraw their bets and those that who subsequently choose to bet on this match are aware of EVE Bet's position well in advance.

EVE Bet makes no judgment as to the veracity of the rumors and we wish both teams the best and trust that they will compete to their fullest ability in the true spirit of the Alliance Tournament.

Thank you and happy betting,

EVE Bet staff.