EVE Bet is simple! It allows you to bet on your favourite team, or fighter, or horse, or whatever! If they win, you win!

Registering an account

To begin using EVE-Bet.com you will first need to access the in-game browser and go to the website www.eve-bet.com.

Once done, you will need to 'trust' the site. To 'trust' a website click on the "Options" tab in the browser, then "Trusted Sites." Enable the browser to 'trust' EVE-Bet.com and you should be set to go.

You can then Register to EVE-Bet.com through the in-game browser by entering a User Name, Email, and Password. Once the site accepts these, you will be set to begin betting.

Depositing ISK

You can deposit ISK in two different ways. First you can send ISK to the EVE-Bet corporation in EVE Online (the ticker is "EVE-B"). EVE-Bet.com pulls API data every 30 minutes.

If you are using the in-game browser, you can also click on the "Deposit ISK" link on EVE-Bet.com once you are logged in and follow the instructions on that page.

Withdrawing ISK

Clicking on the "Withdraw ISK" link in the right hand menu on EVE-Bet.com will take you to the form to withdrawn ISK from your EVE-Bet account.

We manually remove ISK from the EVE-Bet wallet, so this process can take up to 24 hours, but generally should be processed with 3-4 hours. The minimum withdrawal amount is set at 1,000,000 ISK (1 Million ISK).

How To Submit A Support Ticket

If you are having a specific issue while using eve-bet.com, please file a support ticket through the "My Support" page. Please provide as much information pertaining to the specific instance you are having trouble with while using EVE Bet and one of our support specialists will respond at the earliest convenient time.

Placing Bets

To place a sports bet, you simply need to find a game or match of your preference and choose who you think will win. Once done, a small box at the top center of the screen will appear, which is where you put in the amount you are betting.

You can track your bets on your EVE-Bet.com account through the "My Bets" page.

You can also do Multibets, where you select several matchups and their winners. If all of the chosen participants win, you win! However if one of the chosen winners actually lose, then the multibet fails. Multibets are a good way to raise the stakes across matchups in the same sport.

There are also online games such as Blackjack, Slots, Roulete and Lotteries. These are electronically based games and are not dependent on other sports.

How does the betting system work?

EVE Bet uses fixed odds betting for all matches. Unlike other sites, your odds are locked in when you make the bet! The odds at the time of bet confirmation is the odds at which we pay out. All site odds are dislayed in decimal odds format, meaning your return is the amount you bet multiplied by the odds.

Sports & eSports Betting

Our sports and eSports betting are sourced from industry sites. The maximum bet allowed for a match is indicated on the betting match panel. The limit is applied to the account making the bet.

EVE Online/Other Betting

EVE Online tournament matches, or any custom match put up by the EVE Bet team, uses a custom fixed odds system that has fixed maximum increments users may place bets under. As these events are not regulated sports, and industry sourced odds, the betting pools will determine the odds. After each bet is placed the odds are recalculated based on the amount bet on each side. However your odds are still locked in at the time your bet is placed. You may bet as much as you like, however bets are bound to a single fixed maximum amount which is indicated on the match panel. If you would like to place more ISK on the match, you simply place a second bet.

Spread/Handicap Betting

When matches have the Spread betting option available, users can place bets on the outcome of the match with a handicap. This type of betting provides more even odds on matches with clear favourites and underdogs.

Example: Team A (10 points) vs Team B (5 points) with spread options of Team A (-3) and Team B (+3)

  • Team A (-3) handicap score is 7 (10 - 3). The bet is correct as Team A (7) vs Team B (5) still wins.
  • Team B (+3) handicap score is 8 (5 + 3). The bet is incorrect as Team A (10) vs Team B (8) loses.

Total Points Betting

When matches have the Total Points betting option available, users can place bets on the over or under for the total points of both teams combined.

Example: Team A (10 points) vs Team B (5 points) with an over/under option of 12.5

  • Over 12.5 will payout as the total points (15) is over 12.5
  • Under 12.5 will NOT payout as the total points (15) is not under 12.5

Note: If the total points for the game matches the total points bet option (ie neither the over or under option are right), the bet is "pushed" and user returned their ISK.

Multi Bets

Multi Bets, also known as Parlays, is when multiple bets are combined into a single combined bet. For the bet to win, all components of the multi bet must be satisfied. The final odds for a multi bet is all individual odds multiplied together. This type of increases the risk vs reward factor and can lead to very large wins.

Example, user wants to place a multi bet on the matches below:

  • Team A - 1.5 odds for the win against Team B
  • Team C - 1.5 odds for the win against Team D
  • Team E - 1.5 odds for the win against Team F
The odds for the multi bet are 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 = 3.375

My team won but I haven't received my ISK?

Results are marked off either by our staff, or by an automated results feed. Not all of our sports offered have an automated yet, but we are working hard to improve this. In the mean time, manual result marking is done as per the availability of staff members. We endeavour to be as quick as possible, however our staff, just like real people, have other things to besides sometimes outside of EVE Bet. We do our best!

I'm interested in "Insert Obscure Sport Here" and you don't have it listed on your site. Can you list it?

Sure! Lodge a support ticket and we'll consider adding the sport!

I want to setup a special bet, i.e. "The world ends in 2012", or "Goons take sov in HED-GP", can I do that?

Sure! Lodge a support ticket and we'll consider adding the special request!


I sent ISK but it hasn't shown up in my EVE Bet Balance?!

Remember, your balance only updates after the API pulls. This is every 30 minutes (this is governed by the caching of CCP's API server and nothing we can do about it). If you look at the top left, you can see a countdown till the API updates again. Make sure you send ISK from the character associated with your account! If you still haven't gotten your ISK after 30 minutes, lodge a support ticket and we'll try to sort it out.

During peak times, and important events, our staff can run manual deposits in between automated scheduled runs. However, this is very much subject to staff availability and not a guaranteed part of our service.